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WRF Series Oil Gas Fired Hot Air Stove

Heating Capacity: 120 to 4,800KW (100,000 to 4,000,000KCAL)
Working Media: Clean Air
Working Temperature: ≤400℃
Fuel: Natural Gas, #2 Light Oil , Heavy Oil

Brief Introduction

TAIGUO WRF series hot air stove is quick assembly hot air device powered by natural gas, oil. It uses fans to force air circulation via air heat exchanger and air filter, then produce clean hot air that can be used in heating processing in different industries.

Product Application

Herbal medicine drying, metal surface painting drying, grain drying, food drying, timber drying, textile dyeing drying, chemical materials drying, farm heating, plastic greenhouse heating, paper drying etc. 


  • Automatic Safe Operation: Full automatic ON/OFF controller, free settable air temperature control, automatic over temperature interlock chain stop protection, visible system’s working states (fan’s state, real-time air temperature display, exhaust-gas temperature display) on screen etc.
  • Durable Corrugated Tubes Heater: WRF series adopting high quality corrugated tubes air heater (carbon steel), increase the heat transfer area.
WRF-40 WRF-60 WRF-100 WRF-120 WRF-240 WRF-360 WRF-480
Heating Power KW 480 700 1200 1400 2800 4200 5600
KCAL 400000 600000 1000000 1200000 2400000 3600000 4800000
Hot Air Temperature 60-400
Available Fuels / Gas (natural gas, lpg, biogas)
Light Oil (2# diesel, kerosene)
Heavy Fuel Oil (6# bunker C, fuel oil 380, fuel oil 180)
Combustion Method / Pressurized combustion in chamber
Control Method / PLC ON-OFF control,
Adjustable working temperature
Dimension mm 3300×1600×1850 3900×1800×2050 5000×2000×2250 5100×2200×3000 5500×2300×3300 6600×2600×3600 8200×2900×3800
Weight kg 4250 5100 7500 17000 23000 25000 35000



WRF Series Oil Gas Fired Hot Air Stove

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